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Still Questioning

In today’s Sun-Sentinel letters to the Editor…Mark Brown Editor of the Future’s paper and President of NBCA has written his response to the opinion piece written by John Thompson and  published in the paper last week.

He has put forth his reasoning for why two of the candidates he and his paper backed lost in the recent election.

For him, it was a sample ballot he says was handed out at the polls. It stated according to his letter to the Editor that a vote for the opponents was a vote to save LBTS from 15- story development.

If these were handed out, they were only at the north end polling place, and not in the south where I worked the polls at Jarvis Hall from 5 am- 7pm.

The questions of what happened in this last election will linger on ….probably to the next election. A few may already be charting out what to do the same and what to do differently the next time… two years from now.

Those who are still scratching their heads over the Mayoral race…have a variety of theories…. the role the flier from Assumption Church played….The missing mayoral candidates on the ballot at early voting in Pompano Beach…the mayoral candidates being at the bottom of the Democratic and Republican primary…with many reporting either they missed voting altogether or stranger yet….some voters reporting that when they reviewed their ballot it showed they voted for the opposite mayoral candidate…they did go back to re- vote that part…but many scratched their heads afterwards,wondering if they had the same problem because they admitted they did not bother to review their vote…they were in a rush due to the long wait throughout the day at Jarvis Hall. The lines were due to not having both rooms open for voting…a longer check- in procedure and parking problems due to election poll workers taking all the parking in front and the still closed “Minto” parking lot across A1A. Some believe that lack of entry into more north end condos were the deciding factor.

What I believe….this is the year of voting against incumbents… voters came to vote their conscience….and did so for many reasons….the sewers on private property brought to light…fiscal responsibility….less over-development whether the “Overlay Districts” or a chance of a 15 story height returning in some capacity, still a real possibility as a result of who would be on the dais and the “vested rights” recently passed in the new Unified Land Development Ordinances. (This still needs to be attended to.)

I am sure readers will have a myriad of reasons of their own……Monday morning quarterbacking ….. is an all-American tradition after all!

Mark Brown and John Thompson have very different opinions about what might have been the cause….  however… the NBCA last night, it was nice to see Mr Brown welcome Mr Thompson to the podium to speak.

So, maybe we really are ready to move ahead …which after all is really what all the voters want!


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