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Still In Flux

Are we certified or are we not?

That is the question.

Will there be a partial swearing in tomorrow?

Unfortunately no one is sure and the more questions are asked the more confusing it becomes!

According to a friend who went to church today, the word is that it will be next Mon. the 11th!

According to a friend who spoke to a commissioner it will be tomorrow.

It is all up in the air right now and it seems that Florida politics once again is consistant with how we muck up our elections, due to voting inconsistencies and long drawn out results!

No butterfly ballots to blame this go round….so why?

Last count on Friday, Peanuts was 21 votes behind , up from the 14 a few days before and not the expected direction desired from his supporters.

We do not know if he conceded?

By The Sea Times has a newsflash congratulating the new commissioners and the new mayor….Minnet!

Anyone know if Peanuts has thrown in the towel?

If indeed the outcome is assured, we can only hope for a definitive answer to both the swearing in date and who is the new mayor for the next 2 years!

Note to new dais….do yourselves a favor, do the town a favor and make it a priority to put Peanuts on the Planning and Zoning Board when you put together who will be best to volunteer their time to our town!

We will be in good hands with Peanuts at the helm and the voters will be assured that when they voted for new development to be done within certain guidelines to preserve our future , it will be done!

Waiting patiently for the final say so…..stay tuned!

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