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Still A Puzzlement

Latest word, mind you 3rd, 4th or even 5th hand….

Might be bad….might be delayed beyond what anyone thought….what a messy end to a messy race!

Acquaintances are inquiring for the facts as I write this!

Now it seems the only thing we do know for certain ….it will NOT be today!

Will it even be next Monday? That is now the new question needing to be answered!

Can you even imagine the muck that could result from the defeated commissioners and the outgoing mayor at the helm of the commission one last time, knowing the results of this election ensuring them their walking papers?

Why am I so negative about what they might do, and not assuming proper protocol as would be the expected ?

Due to 2 examples of post election behavior….

No call of congrats to the winning opponents to this very day!

Add to that a disgraceful, poor loser interview in last weeks Pompano Pelican…. that’s why!

I sure hope the Supervisor of Elections is aware of what kind of havoc our town could experience as a result of this unnecessary delay in certifying the 2 new commissioners who won by irrefutable numbers ASAP!


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