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Spoke Too Soon?

Yes, I know I said was not going to acknowledge the infamous smut site…

but a quick gander to see if my previous revised decision about it’s removal due to a sudden change in content …some real purpose for it to continue on….might have been a bit premature.

Why is it that those troubled souls still can not argue on the merits of a topic?

Why is it those who would definitely be a Psychiatrist’s dream patient…1 step away from Freud,  I’m sure …… still fighting back from being picked on at school or still  being the school bully …personified…continue such behaviors long ago discarded …..especially at this stage in life.

Argue about the sidewalks…but keep it on the sidewalks and your reasons…for why you want them the way you want them.

Argue mightily about VFD…BSO…and any other hot topic….but on the subject matter.

Don’t let those few who stepped away over  the previous few days pull you all back down into the scum and the smut….

your call over there…we will see.


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