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Some Answers

After a day of ups and downs …information…misinformation….powers that be…. having the scoop…then not having the right scoop…

Here is what we now know…..

The sidewalk in front of Oriana is going to be one lane…with a bike lane…

it can not be changed …

any change or hold-up of the project would essentially nullify the million in escrow…causing the CO’s  (certificates of occupation)to be in jeopardy….

Those CO’s were the golden “noose” around the town ever seeing the million.

Minto was sent a letter along with Oriana about the 2 lanes…

Minto honchos answered back no for 2 lanes….( as did Oriana) saying it was too late to make the change….

This despite 2 commissioners being told separately by Minto that 2 lanes were going to be kept as far as they knew…today.

This despite a representative from Minto getting a huge round of applause when the Commission granted them efficiencies…. when asked about 2 lanes … the  Minto spokesman stated  they would work with the town.

No such “deal” with Minto exists as with Oriana….and the road is still 2 lanes…… the commission should act on this ASAP.

The town will have to address any change with town owned streets in front of Oriana after the CO’s are final and if the elusive escrow money changes hands.

The Town Manager and the Assistant to the Town Manager say that the figure of 150 thousand dollars for mailboxes never came from them.

No money is being spent by the taxpayers for mailboxes.

The woman who wrote into the Futures never heard this from the Assistant to the Town Manager, the story is bogus…and the Futures is wrong.

After a long day that started with the bcbythesea hubby returning home from his morning bike ride and informing me that the sidewalk was about to be poured in front of Oriana……

here is where we are…. 13 hours later….. we have answers…. as stated above and tonight there are “guards” on lawn chairs out in front of Oriana protecting the new 5 foot wide LBTS pink sidewalks!


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