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Much talk about sidewalks abounds for residents….where they are being put in (Seagrape Drive), where they are planned to be added (Washingtonia Ave.), and where they are STILL missing (in front of Oriana)!

On Seagrape the scuttle going round is …9 month long project, not enough workers, water main not correctly identified producing cost increases for changes to accommodate, a flood occurred, sidewalk at north end will not allow the continuity of the proposed plans with curb, grass,sidewalk, landscaping as was touted! Heard the tab is 80 thousand plus to the Town Planner and we are not done yet!

Washingtonia residents were in receipt of a notice for 5 foot sidewalks on both sides of the street, allowing only 30 days notice for removal of lighting, shrubbery etc…in the right of way.

This was the first notice given, without proper paperwork, who is at fault ….might just be the contractor, our Town Planner?

5 foot sidewalks will be a joke (in my opinion), causing 2 apartment owners on both the north and south side, to have big problems with tenants parking their cars….either they will take away 2 feet of the sidewalks due to their auto’s overhang or they will need to park on the street!

Permits and correct drawings must be presented, making 30 days unlikely. Also, a change order must be made, due to obvious hindrences not included in the original proposal to the previous commission for this additional work. The increase to the bill on this one is anyone’s guess!

When oh when will we have sidewalks back in front of the Oriana? Shouldn’t there be a time limit for a public safety issue like this?

How embarrassing to hotel owners on the south side of ElMar Drive when their patrons must risk life and limb dodging oncoming traffic!

Time to call it day on this extended construction nightmare!

More to come…..


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