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Sharing More Than Delivery Service

I have read all the stories…Bob Norman at

with the vast amount of articles on Sam Zell, Sun-Sentinel cutbacks….and last week’s news that the Sentinel and Miami Herald would be sharing delivery service….

add to the mix the Herald’s downturn in stock rating due to the paper running at a loss….(not just the local ones)…. now if you check out both business sections today… /

a photographer named Josh Reynolds from the AP had a twofer…same front business section picture for the same story on Sharper Image bankruptcy and gift cards!

Sharing photogs now?

Wonder who will feel the heat for this? It’s sort of like that lull of black when the TV show does not come on right after the commercial…dead air….and you just know somebody lost their job!

About the cards….they are temporarily suspended from being accepted!

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