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Sea Ranch Club


9 am Association Areas Executive Committee meeting…

Paula Valad held her last meeting as President…election to be held that evening…. Building  A  Board member will now be President,

Last day for Villa Landscaping is 3/14/08….in house  starts 3/17/08

New landscape equipment will be delivered  3/14/08 uniforms are ready… newly hired employees are ready

have 1 bid for new air conditioning unit for Ocean Room and connecting  areas …will obtain others and decide on whether to purchase new unit or install new parts on 8 year old unit.

We will get a credit from Citizens Insurance for 56 thousand dollars…due to new appraisals…will either be in one lump sum or installments.

Bids for better windstorm insurance are ongoing…more choice due to lack of hurricanes and more companies coming back to Florida.

Plans are being discussed for hiring an attorney on contingency to get money back for improperly done appraisals in the past.

Building B is dealing with 2 problems…the incorrect square footage and incorrect date of construction (from past incorrect appraisals ) which may cost us a 81 thousand dollar increase on our insurance premium.

Projects are status quo…rain delays…waiting for parts….

2 dead palm trees will be replaced under contract with Ted Conner Company.

Ocean Room shutters are going up…were specially made…extra thickness….

A cover is now over the Ocean Room thermostat due to a phantom air conditioner perpetrator turning it all the way down!

The consultant was a no show… had to go to Comcast in Atlanta….we do have an extension on our contract with Comcast for 30 days while we negotiate…another meeting with him will be posted … any problems with your cable? This is the time to let the building know…while we are negotiating!

Annual Meeting ….6:30- 7:30 pm voting

voting ended 7:35 pm

Votes for Buildings A and C …Building B no change.

Votes were counted…. a little after 8pm….results Carolyn…Building A/ Paula Building C

Nominations were made and voted on.

Seating was moved for Building A to take the center table.

No Annual Meeting could officially take place for lack of enough members.

Excuse me for not supplying the names of the officers…they will be forthcoming as I have contacted new treasurer Paula Valad to request them with the proper title and correct spellings.

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