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Sea Ranch Club

3/5/08 9 am Association Areas Executive meeting….

Short one today…

Landscaping…we will be self sufficient with in-house landscaping starting on 3/17/08…Jerry Thompson and 3 hired groundskeepers.

New equipment is ready for pickup…when Villa  (current landscape company) hauls their stuff away.

Soon the year deadline will be over on the replacement warranty for dead palm trees out on  the beach…more effort to get a reply from Ted Conners Co. will be made.

Ocean Room- doors need adjusting from installation company.

Hurricane pannels are to start being installed today.

The old ones and old ones from  each building will either be sold for scrap or donated to Haiti…for use there. This type of donation has been done before with no cost to us.

Air conditioning replacement is going out to bid for the room etc…

Building B has covered some costs of the Ocean Room that should be covered by the association..will be addressed.

Questionnaire for Ocean Room use in the future still forthcoming.

Tennis courts…it is the pool attendant’s  job to keep the water from settling after the rain…if no players are around to address the “bird baths”.

Gas Grills…still ongoing problems…ranging from broken controls, lighting problems that cause the fire to be weak.

Research for commercial gas grills ongoing.

4 pallets of pavers will be ordered for installation around the property.

Sealant ewill be done next week at the C  pool.

A new pump will be installed at cabana A.

Fans are still awaiting  a starter and  a coil and an electric feed for completion…all will be operational at the same time for the warranty to start for all on the same date.

Insurance….some alternatives are being looked into with a couple of agents working on quotes

Brown Insurance Services and Assurant Specialty properties.

Cable consultant was not  in attendance…he was to get us a letter from Comcast for extending our current contract to carry us over the 3/10/08 expiration date while we continue negotiations. He will be contacted to assure trhisis received ASAP.

Again, any owners with cable problems..let your managers or board members know …this is the time for Comcast to fix them.


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