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2/27/08 Board of Directors meeting 9 am

Nice to see the growing audience….nice to see agendas for the audience…nice to see name plates for the elected members.

A new Board member was voted in and replaces Building A Director Gary Smith.

Dr. Frank Catinella…. has lived in Sea Ranch for 12 years…practiced in Fl. for 20 years.

A 2004 special assessment fund that was previously moved in Jan. to the General Fund was reallocated to the Capital Improvement fund to cover existing projects for 2008. $68,811

Following was the Association Areas Executive Committee…

Landscaping update…3rd person completed hiring process…so the 3 man crew is complete.

New Landscape equipment will now be purchased …with newly allocated funds…. Jerry Thompson the Foreman was able to secure an additional year on the equipment warrany.

Accolades were given to Jerry and the landscape committee for dealing with mulch in the planters…ASAP after last weeks meeting….see it pays to coome to the meetings, folks!

The current landscape company will be done mid March.

Ping Pong will now be in all 3 buildings…and no longer up in the air (no pun intended) for the Ocean Room.

Building B will help out with the cost of fixing up Building A ping pong room.

I am still trying to get the Board to address a questionnaire for residents to have a say if they want to use the Ocean Room as a health club or something else.

A vote was made to remove the requirement of hiring a police officer when having a party in any of the beach houses. It passed unanimously.

A Communications consultant came to speak about Comcast or alternatives for us since the Comcast contract is up March 9th.

What was presented is not allowed to be published…due to the ongoing negotiations…per the consultant.

Any info a resident wants..please contact a board member or a manager.

Also, if you have any problems with your cable TV…reception etc…now is the time to let them know.

Next date to meet with the consultant not known but will be soon as deadline approaches.

More next week.

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