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Sea Ranch Club

Time for Sea Ranch Club…others skip this post….

Association Area Executive Committee..

Updates on landscaping…tree replacement.irrigationproblems

Landscaping equipment update…3rd person for landscape position is almost done…then in- house will take over…possibly earlier than contract ending mid- March.

Board member and member of the Executive Committee from Building A…Gary Smith has resigned.

Problems still ongoing with gas grills…knobs are being broken at a rate of going through 24…with 36 on order…lack of pushing them in for use…thus breaking them seems likely cause. A member will look into the cost of replacing with commercial grade. Suggestion was one at a time…using removed grill for replacement parts.

Attorney will possibly be hired on contingency in order to see if Sea Ranch Club can re-coup loss of monies collected from appraiser on over stated square footage.

March 3,2008 7 pm meeting with consultant to discuss options to Comcast..whose contract expires mid- March.

Looks like a solution for ping pong will happen in building A…therefore all buildings will have ping pong tables…which may put to rest putting one in the Ocean Room.

Last week I wrote of a questionnaire going out with next month’s maintenance bill…I have been informed it must be run by the whole board for this to take place. I asked for it to be put to the board so this could happen at some point. It would allow all residents to be involved in what should or could be done in the Ocean Room…such as a health club.


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