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This has been a day…(mind you it only half a day so far) for responses!

I guess this is what comes as word gets out….so it will be a learning curve, but one happily accepted as part of the process.

Opinions are always those of the writer, and may not always jibe with those who either were involved or who also observed the topic being written about.

This is as they say, what makes horse races!

The overwhelming response of emails, calls and stops along the way have been positive,with congratulations offered.

Today some of the responses are concern, whether it is that what is written on my site might cause more questions than answers.

Some inquiry is questioning if it is misinformation for not going into the background as the person calling it to my attention might be aware of.

All valid points, and all to take into consideration….

For my part as the website writer on this site….it is my views of what I observe, from my vantage point and it is my opinion that is being espoused.

I will put in the facts of where you can find what I’ve written about when referring to a story or a meeting, then you have the opportunity yourselves to make up your own minds.

What comes from it… positive and negative alike, are both successful in my book…for dialog and discussion are always a good outcome!

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