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 A reader asks….With all the new development on El Mar Drive, why do we still have standing water in the streets, in the small drainage valley, and over the walks?

(I have addressed this in previous posts… Assistant to Town Manager told me the sewers were cemented over years ago….)

The reader continues….

Tonight, 3/22/08 @8:15, a family with 2 small children under 5 years old, were forced to walk in the street, without appropriate lighting (God forbid we lose a sea turtle), and were almost hit by a speeding jeep paying little attention.

The reader continues…..

the city should create a SAD (special assessment district) and install 36×42 oliptical sewer pipe  able to contain much of the downpour on a regular basis.

This will create a pedestrian friendly “walking style community” atmosphere

What do you think?

Dear Reader:

I think we need to address this as soon as we can…this is supposed to be our “Scenic Highway”….and it is anything but…these days….

I have sent you numbers to contact some of the Commissioners and suggested you contact city hall….please do so and let me know how you fare!

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