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full text online…paper…1/2 page in the Local section….very impressive with Coast Guard/Maritime seal on either side at the top…


Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Calypso LNG Deepwater Port License Apllication

It states the U. S. Coast Guard  and the Maritime Administration  announce the availability of the final impact statement (EIS) for the Calypso Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Deepwater Gas Port License Apllication…

A description of what calypso proposes to construct…and the location….(well known by now by NIMBY crowd along the Fort Lauderdale/LBTS coast)…how it is supposed to operate……

lease area….in Federal waters…Outer Continental Shelf in OCS Block NG17-06 (Bahamas) ….8-10 miles offshore…northeast of Port Everglades/in a water depth of 800-950 feet /each unloading buoy would connect to a flexible pipeline suspended in the water column / each proposed pipeline would be approx. 2.5 miles in length located on the sea floor….

Description of the Ports design / use….a permanently moored unloading buoy system with 2 submersible unloading buoys separated by a distance of approx. 3 miles/ buoys designed to moor and unload 2 types of LNG vessels/ a transport  and regasification vessel (TRV) and a storage and regasification ship (SRS)/ unloading  buoys would be connected through the vessels hull to specially designed turrets that enable the the vessel to weathervane/rotate in response to prevailing wind,wave, current directions. When the vessels are not present the unloading buoys would be submerged 100 feet below the sea surface. BothTRV/SRS would be equipped to vaporize LNG cargo to pipeline. Conventional LNG carriers would berth alongside and transfer LNG to the SRS vial loading arms.

This notice is for the availability of the final EIS for the project. An announcement of the public hearing for matters relevant to the approval, denial, approval with conditions of the license application will be published in the future and will include the opportunity for public comments.


We request public comments or other relevant info on the Final EIS. You can submit electronic comments to the Federal Docket Management Facility or hard copy comments to the DOT Docket Management Facility or USCG during the public comment period (no later than Sept. 2, 2008)…addresses below…

Docket management Facility

U.S. Department of Transportation

1200 New Jersey Ave. SE

West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140

Washinton, D.C. 20590-0001



Commandant (CG-5225)

U.S. Coast Guard, Rm. 1508

2100 Second Street, SW

Washington, D.C. 20593-0001

Attention: LT Hannah Kim

Website for access/submissions…

click on “Search for Dockets” enter Docket ID 26009, click on USCG-2006-26009; view documents by clicking the PDF icon under “views”; and/ or follow the online instructions for submitting comments. Submissions should include….

Docket number USCG-2006-26009

your name and address

your reasons for making each comment or for bringing info to our attention

Regardless of method used for submiting comments or material all submission will be posted to the docket…

BCbythesea…Have at It….residents…..

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