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Local section…. synopsis…full text in sentinel…or at Town Hall

Town of LBTS

RFP# 08- 04-03

The Town of LBTS municipality…is seeking proposals from Fire Suppression Providers to provide the town, its residents and visitors fire suppression apparatus and personnel for comprehensive fire protection services..

Submission Date 05/21/2008 no later than 1:30 pm..

The request for proposals RFP is available upon request at Town Hall…(address/phone printed)…

Scope…The solicit proposals to provide protection for… townspeople/ visitors in LBTS…in accordance with specifications …(printed below)

1. provider req. to operate 2(3) units; 1 engine/1 engine- aerial device/1 fire chief vehicle/1 reserve engine to be used in event of mechanical/catastrophic breakdown…

2. provider req. to provide command staff…1 fire chief/1 deputy chief/ 1 battalion chief/ 1 fire administrator..(who may be a town employee, but not otherwise a non- employee retained by contract)/ 1 fire inspector (same town employee criteria allowed as above)

3. provider req. to detail staff structure in order to: provide certified staff to respond to fire callsin LBTS 24/7 without exception and must provide specific target response times for the first engine company on site…

NOTE: has this been a req. of the present BSO fire suppression contract?…if so …as expected from BCbythesea….. Commission…Town Manager…..look at the SRC B fire debacle… this may be reason for early dismissal…before contract is up 9/30/08?

4. provider is req. to provide beach patrol unit: 2 beach ATV’s with fire aid equipment…provide staff to patrol during agreed upon hours and special events or at req. of Town Administration…

NOTE: The chicken or the egg..question…was this a req. before the recent commission transaction of buying ATV’s for VFD?….or added by Town Manager after the fact?

It is a good move…and must mean that insurance coverage was found to be acceptable under VFD ins. policy due to the fact 2 ATV’s are now ordered…any competition should need to provide the same coverage…

5. provider is req. to provide qualifications and experience…must describe organizations history/ structure/ years proposer has been in business providing a similar service/ indicate whether Town previously awarded any contracts to proposer for similar services…

proposed provider has to supply specifics on how they will provide and respond to 11 stated service…(check full text…in sentinel or req. copy at Town Hall)…

also included in notice…

req. for…

equip and vehicle maintenances

communication equip.

licenses and certifications

indemnifications and insurance

compensation…cost to the town….

legal req.

compliance with orders and laws

automatic or mutual aid interlocal agreement: proposal specification:

NOTE: it will be interesting to see if Pompano Beach and/ or Fort Lauderdale do an about face for VFD now that BSO contract was not renewed…

General terms and conditions

a. pre- proposal conference…not req.

b. req. for additional info

c. acceptance/rejection…LBTS reserves right to do either on proposals and to accept proposer who in the opinion of the town will be in the best interest of / most advantageous to the town

d. RFP timetable

4/21/08…RFP advertised…avail town hall

5/21/08…proposal due date no later than 1:30 pm

5/21/08…opened at 2 pm at Town Hall

5/27/08…proposal presented to Town Commission

6/11/08….award of Fire Suppression Services

10/1/08 implementation date

submission req.

again detailed RFP in sentinel…at Town Hall…


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