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Public Notice


Notice of Public Hearing…. 6 in total

March 25,2008 7 pm….

1….Ordinance 2008-08… repealing Ordinance 2006-01

which renamed the beach Village Overlay District to the Hospitality Zoning Overlay District…

2….Ordinance 2008-04

Amending chapter 6 Building and Buildings Regulations of the Town Code of Ordinances by Amending 6-8-1 Portable Storage Unit…Provisions….

This should not be accepted….. reduce the need for permits in town…start here! No permits for pods!

3…..Ordinance 2008-03

Amending Section 30-313 of the Code of Ordinances, General Provision, to Delete the Current Section 30-313 in its Entirety and Adding a New Section 30-131 to Clarify the Provision….Regarding Hedges,Plantings,and Fences.

This should be modified to allow the least conforming allowable hedge height in the north/ south…and include revision allowing for fences without 3/4 slat if it has wind bearing engineering allowed by Broward/Miami hurricane standards.

4…..Ordinance 2008-07

Repealing Ordinance 2003-529 which created The Beach Village Overlay District …

5…..Ordinance 2008-06

Repealing Ordinance 2003-11 which created The Marina Village Overlay District…

6…..Ordinance 2008-09

Repealing Ordinance 2003-510 which created The Town Village Overlay District….

Public will be allowed to address each of these items.


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