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Town of LBTS

Request For Proposal…(RFP)

Town of LBTS is seeking bids from qualified firms …contractors…to purchase Beach Patrol ATV’s for the Town’s Fire Dept.with the terms, conditions,and specifications contained in this request proposal offering the latest model of new equipment as listed herein…

It is the intenet to provide the town with unit or units ready to be put in service, ready for operations,and capable of meeting all of the requirements of the town.

Omissions of any essential detail from said specifications, terms, and conditions does not relieve the supplier of the responsibility of such a unit or units.

Model bid must be new, the latest current, production model: not a discontinued model, demonstrator, or protoype, unless otherwise stated in bid specifications.

Sealed bids addressed to Town of LBTS,Town Clerk…until 2 pm…5/27/08

full notice online …or at Town Hall

Note: ATV service for beach patrol was included on previous…RFP for fire service applicants to LBTS


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