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A proclamation was made today by outgoing Mayor Parker at Assumption Church proclaiming a day in March Father Cassidy Day, which is according to a few, one of the perks of being mayor.

Apparently, Parker signed this proclamation on January 31,2008.

It is said by those in attendance, that Mayor Parker spoke and gave recognition to outgoing Commissioners Yanni and Clark, along with Roseann Minnet, but no such courtesy was extended to newly elected commissioner Dr. Birute Ann Clottey!

So in his waning days, Parker is still stirring it up!

Many are angry over the church and it’s taking sides on the election, so this day of recognition might be for naught.

Ignoring the presence of a woman elected by the constituents of the town he still serves, is reprehensible and caddish!

Wanting to be a FREE lobbyist in Tallahassee for LBTS…..IS PRICELESS!! No Way!


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