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If you think we have problems……just take a visit to Chicago!

The headline in the Chicago Tribune on Saturday….. potholes!

First thing we heard from the limo driver who met us at Midway Airport on Friday eve……..potholes!

When we took our home again journey to the burbs, we faced it first hand…..potholes….everywhere….

huge,deep, abundant… potholes!

Why so many?

It is from the abundance of road salt and snow plows this year….a continuing onslaught of both.

So much salt has been used that the supply set aside is dwindling and it is only the beginning of February.

In Chicago, snow can last until April.

In Chicago, as well as anywhere else, politicians are like baseball players, superstitious…..they never forget what brought them luck and they never forget what brought them defeat!

30 some years ago, the hotly fought,cantankerous election for mayor was won by a woman….Jane Byrne…

the city’s first woman mayor.

Why the upset?

She won on the salt….or lack there of!

The incumbent mayor, was D.O.A. due to his lack of salting the roads that terrible snowy winter!

Voters were furious, and took that fury to the polls to unseat him….big time!

So ever since, the Mayor of Chicago, and those that remember……make sure to salt the streets…..

potholes or no potholes, for election victory.

Question next time……will it be the potholes?


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