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Playing Possum

Playing possum turned out to be the winner!

By The Sea Future came back into town and online today.

It looked very different , with a new below the headline description.

The expected articles were in it, by the same writers/editors.

Benign were most…with one exception…. a repeat of false, highly charged accusations towards Commissioner McIntee and his plans for the future of LBTS .

How can anyone know what will be the decorum of the dais ahead of time….with such negative certainty?

I for one am hopeful, that all commissioners….. incumbents, or newly elected heed the message from from the voters, still ringing loud and clear…..

give us civility, respect for one another and the residents, do the business at hand in an orderly, timely manner…..that benefits all.

Relax this weekend residents while the Commissioners do their homework, and let’s all start out the right way….hopeful and positive….just give them a chance!


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