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Places To Go…Reminder…LBTS P & Z Meeting Tonight 3/18/09…CODES….



6:30 Jarvis Hall…televised on Ch. 78/online…

b.-Resolution 2009-06- Resolution for issuance of a notice of intent concerning pending amendments to chapter 30 of the code of ordinances

BC- this is to give notice of the changes that were proposed at the 1/13 &1/21/09 workshops on changes to land regulations…

a.-Amendment to sec. 30-21 of code-revising reconstruction and continuation of nonconforming uses and structures

b.-Amendment to section 30-123 of code regarding duration of site plan-scope of bldg. permits to be secured during site plan approval

c.- Amendment to section 30-211 of code to amend building setback req. in RS-5 residential zoning dist.

d.- Amendment to section 30-271 of code to provide for cooking schools,catering,motorized scooter & moped sales & rentals, shall be permitted within B-1 dist.

e.- Amendment to 30-313 of code to provide revisionĀ  of development standards for fences, walls, plantings, hedges, prohibit gravel driveways in RS-4/5 & RD-10 dist., non -asphalt paving materials, to provide for grading , landscaping maintenance of swale areas in RS-4/5 & RD-10 districts of regulations of generators or underground containers for natural gas -provide for development standards & req. for mechanical equipment

f.- Amendment to section 30-507 of the code to amend informational, directional or traffic control sign, amend definition of real estate sign & provide temporary holiday decorations.

Projected time frame to adopt regulations:

a.- public hearing & Comm. Approval of processing of proposed regulatory changes- 3/10/09

b.-P & Z Board-3/18/09

c.- 1st reading of Ord.-4/7/09-2nd reading of Ord.-5/12/09

BC- all were discussed at those workshops…Jan 13 & 21st…see previous LBTS agenda/ meetings categories….

overview to follow…

more to come…

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