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Bob Norman today reports that the Palm Beach Post has cut staff without warning….

A sad ongoing situation in newspaper rooms across the country…on the national to local level.

As stated in previous posts…printed news is more often than not operating at a loss due to loss of advertisers and subscription readers.

My brother was a newspaperman of many years… after being the editor of his high school newspaper and the editor of the newspaper for Princeton University.

He saw the writing on the wall way back when…… the smaller newspapers were going to downsize…if they were lucky enough to continue on at all.

Being computer savvy… he joined a venture that has him traveling the country to set up the software programs for advertising in newspapers and specialty mags…an explanation I am sure he will say does not fully explain all it entails …

I do know that because he changed professions when he did…. he is safe from being one of the unfortunate number of journalists having to now figure out their next move.


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