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Front page… front section…the pain of foreclosures…. in 2007 we had 8 in LBTS. The map online posted in an earlier post worth a look.

There have been rumblings (hearsay of course) of bankruptcy not only with homes in town but effecting an almost completed development, a motel that changed hands a few months back and putting big ideas for hotel-condos on permanent hiatus!

A LBTS resident, Vivienne Arguelles has written a letter to the editor about the changes in town over the last 10 years…taking issue with former Mayor Parker …(Emeritus?), the loss of the Pier Coffee Shop, and a bleak future she sees coming.

Note to Vivien; Mark your calendar….March 30,2008….a Citizens Initiative Committee meeting will be taking place….take the time to come and meet others with your same concerns…these are the people who changed the dais in Jan. These are your neighbors who are going to make sure the town you love…stays that way! Contact me….at [email protected] or look in Town Topics….please come…bring a friend!

DNA teats lead to anxiety over health insurance trouble.

A worry that having these tests…to know, be prepared and deal with what might come your way…could lead to insurance companies…compromising your coverage.

There seems to be a strange dichotomy with insurance companies…and preventative health care.

I have always thought health insurance should be handled the same way life insurance is when it comes to cost being relative to the patients overall health, and what preventative measures are being taken. Preventative means having these tests, bone scans, body scan, aorta testing…. eating well, exercising, maintaining a normal weight ….taking preventative medicines such as cholesterol lowering statins (right now is a negative to health insurance companies…although everyone I know takes it…as all physicians prescribe) and vitamins.

Time for insurance companies to see the big picture…instead of the big bucks!

Another new highly touted piece of architecture….bites the dust!

Newly opened Miami International Airport terminal…has a list of 20 thousand items that need repairs….a sign of the times….

Just yesterday came warnings for the Broward Convention Center Hotel….and what are the real pit falls, with building and cost overruns.

We are looking over the next years to do some major changes in LBTS….. replacing town hall,a public safety facility, development office (the sorry, illegal trailer has got to go)….hopefully all in the present area….as stated in previous posts …let’s learn from other’s mistakes!

A the Performing Arts construction…if it is not too late…why put money into Jarvis now? Also, yesterday’s enjoyment of tea on the portico, along with the return of VFD barbeque’s would be sorely missed!

Equity credit lines dry up as home values drop….tied in to the sub-prime/foreclosures….sad scenario…did not know it could happen, but seems to be a common action…now being done by the banks!

With the values of homes continuing to drop…those who thought they were locked in to a line of equity are being cut off!

Dwight Lauderdale …anchor channel 10 will announce his retirement on Monday…remember him with Ann Bishop….then you can now call yourself an old timer in Florida! (This also means you have lived here long enough to join a LBTS board, if you believe some folks….about that being an requirement!)

Broward Sunday section….Cities clean up on trash, not recycling…something to think about as we move to become a “green” community.

Broward cities collect more money from solid waste…discouraging them from recycling. Cooper City actually got slapped with a lawsuit because a mall’s monthly waste bill increase…although they are required to have recycling bins by code!

Remember this when we go to negotiate with Waste Management or whoever else might bid….yes we should have bids this next go round!

Below the recycling article…Hallandale Beach is putting forth an ordinance of imposing a moratorium on major development…. Hmmmm

We are about to look into the overlay districts…we have all heard about water restrictions and new development impact….we have overlay projects that are approved but stagnant…a moratorium….maybe?

One more for the agenda….re-open the Unified Land Re-Development plans…address those items not fleshed out with the previous commission… boats..lack of docks is growing….docks and canals….(Commissioner Dodd )…hedeges…(Commissioner Clottey)…and please address Vested Rights… (hope this does not continue to fall on deaf ears).i t could come back to bite us!

Issues and Ideas section….

sub-prime…yes more…the history of the lending industry’s collapse Greenspan’s legacy…. worth a read.

LBTS has some monies in sub-prime…need an update at budget time.

Update on the week ahead to come…..


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