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Out and about there is a wink and a nod from those who were afraid to show their cards until after election day!

They approach with the same questions…”Do we know yet?” or “I voted for your guys!” (Our”Gal” was included, of course in this reference.)
Some of this is surprising and some is familiar to election day.

One gentleman from Terra Mar took me aside that afternoon to inform me that he and his neighbors had our opponents signs in their yard….but none of them were voting that way!

A woman asked to speak to me and somberly told me she had to say hello to other side as she made her way to Jarvis to cast her ballot, but wanted me to know she was voting for all 3 candidates I was out there representing!

It was the same vibe I had on the day we won height restrictions and term limits…I knew it was going to be a great night and a great future for LBTS!

So while we wait this out, it appears that all is well, anticipation is high and even though they are not officially sworn in, they are already representing the town!


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