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Organizational Meeting and Commission Meeting

Tuesday night …Feb.19, 2008…we begin a new day in LBTS…

First comes the 5 pm Organizational meeting…open to the public…an insight into the “workings” of serving on the commission.

The Commissioners and Mayor will learn the basics…Sunshine Law, Robert’s Rules… motions, agendas….and anything else required.

Housekeeping will take place with who will be Vice Mayor…the hopeful demise of the Mayor Pro-Tem…..and anything else required.

For those who have been involved attending or watching it …it will be televised and online… this may prove anything but a refresher course though…. due to what many thought were misinterpreted rulings taking place more often than not in our previous administration!

To those whose interest in local politics came with this last abbreviated election…you can learn with the newly elected….and see if it is done correctly as they move forward.

The Commission meeting will follow at 7 pm.

All will take their places…see if any items of business need to be further addressed or announced as a result of the organizational meeting.

We hope to be pleased to see first and foremost a new Mayor who will realize that she is an equal….to those on either side of her…that Mayor, is title, but has no strong mayor significance to it!

That decorum is maintained, business is addressed, quickly and fully vetted….for all in the audience to understand.

We will watch the clock, to see what change in the length of the meetings will now become as the norm…. audience members who have chosen to attend are given the privilege to speak and the respect of those seated on the dais.

No more constant tabling of items…no more lopsided monologues…… and it will all end on a high note…at a decent hour…ahhh!

I will be writing a synopsis and opinion after the reality takes place….

So make sure to come to Jarvis Hall, watch on channel 78, online at

or TIVO, DVR,DVD…along with replays Wed. at noon!

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