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Organizational Meeting

Late, late, late…so a synopsis and opinion with any extras coming later on….

5 pm Organizational meeting…small group attending in the hall.

Town Attorney Cherof not in attendance…Attorney Mike Cirullo standing in.

Atty. Cirullo talked of the “rigid system” in place from previous commission for motions etc…

Perfect description of what will be left behind….

leading this new commission to make vast changes that will follow parliamentary procedures in a much freer fashion, while maintaining Robert’s Rules.

Commissioner Dodd had a laundry list of ways to improve the procedures and revert back to Robert’s Rules as intended.

No more “bites of the apple” which were never found in Robert’s Rules. Passes 5- 0

The clock will be started after the resident states their name. Passes 5- 0

Public comments are open to all in attendance….resident, non- resident, business owner. A speaker can speak on an item when it is discussed on the agenda rather than at public comments. Passes 5-0

Mayor votes last as in the charter, but does not always speak last. Passes 5-0

Town Attorney was moved down the dais…as is the practice in most towns…(if not off the dais with staff seated below.) Mayor Minnet was not pleased with this move…Passes 4-1

Changing the Mayor’s making a motion…must pass the gavel to Vice Mayor – step down…first Passes 5-0

Commissioner Mcintee added…

No names used when public or commissioners address each other in derogatory manner Passes 5- 0

Awards for fire,police, town employees will be done quarterly rather than monthly, unless an act of heroism takes place. No vote…direction to Town Manager.

Commissioner McIntee is now the Vice Mayor.

Mayor Pro- Tem died for lack of a motion.

Some public comnents…about addressing without names being used.



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