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One Has Had A Change Of Heart?

One Editor has reconsidered and asked the newly appointed Town Chaplain to once again be a regular contributor to his paper.

As a forgiving man, I am confident that it will be accepted, although I do hope there are no strings attached and that the Reverend is going to practice freedom of speech by publishing elsewhere if he so desires.

Perhaps not at the Futures…unless the Editor also does the right thing and apologizes to the Reverend, along with an apology in his paper….. placed prominently.

The Town Chaplain should consider articles from time to time in the Pompano Pelican and the Hi- Riser, which is widely read in the condos.

My hope is the Reverend George Hunsaker will continue on with this new assignment and that the opposing papers will now be supportive and accepting of any new articles he sends to them.

Time will tell….

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