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Not In MY Front Yard

Through the grapevine I have heard about a woman who always seems to promote the most invasive alternative of sidewalks that will impact her fellow residents on their streets…in front of their homes…in their neighborhoods.

She staunchly derides them and sends e-mails repeatedly to commissioners with her forceful comments.

Why not put a sidewalk from Tradwinds down her street next…the old saying…what’s good for the goose…..

Right now there is no sidewalk except on Commercial from Tradewinds….

What about people who want to walk to the portals from there?  The “Master Plan” calls for “walkways to the portals” according to the assistant to the Town Manager.

What would she say then? Would she be so strong about putting them in front of her home 12 feet in….lose her trees? lose her foliage?…lose her ability to park as many cars in her driveway as she can now?

Would she be so adamant about public safety for walking to the beach?

If so…. publicly offer to do just that!  Put it in writing….I will help to get it on the agenda

We need sidewalks town wide…. we need a study for how many cars travel from Tradewinds east and the right of walkers to be safe there also!

Of course…the above is just asking once more of this woman….put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

People will still walk in the streets…no matter where you put the sidewalks……she knows this too!

It is too late for Seagrape Drive…between her unsolicited input and the “sweetheart deal” that seems to have happened with the sidewalks magically being switched to the west side … due  it is said to a new duplex owner on the east….they now have to live with the most impact to their properties.

On Washingtonia, there is still a chance for a compromise….a sane solution…without unsolicited input from a woman not residing there.

Again, the impact on my property will be the least.

Again, put the sidewalk on my side…. not the north side.

Again, if possible….put the sidewalk with a curb closer to the road….less impact to the property to my west and the side yard of the neighbor to my east.

Again, cost will be less…will not have to remove water meters etc..

Again, we will have the best of all aspects of this situation…a sidewalk….public safety…less impact on the neighbors….

We need to start here so when it does come to the next neighborhood …they too can expect a reasonable way to accomplish a need for the many while respecting the impact of the few.

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