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North Beach Civic Association Town Hall Meeting

What a crowd…a full house for the NBCA….many from Palm Club…lots from condos…….. all 5 Commissioners were in attendance

quite something….I see this as the first real step to find some unity.

Yes, there was discussion of de- annexing but to their credit…. the President and one of the longest members both tried to quiet down this notion for the present time.

A short history of the group was followed by a vote for the Board which consists of 5.

Consisting of members from The Corniche… Sunset Lane….Terra Mar Island….Royal Coast….The Palm Club.

My understanding is that although the choices for these 5 brought a majority to their feet with each vote….it was only the paid members who were to be counted… according to their by-laws making it dramatically fewer than stood this evening.

The Vice Mayor stood to ask for a spot on the Board and was allowed to self nominate from the floor….the response to his nomination was quite a statement in itself…no takers…no one stood….clearly some mending needs to take place between the north side residents and their elected incumbent in the remaining 2 years of his term.

The “old fashioned” town hall meeting commenced with the following topics…

The condo owners concerns……fire suppression…… EMS…….. BSO…… all of this will be addressed …. 4pm workshop with the Commission- Tues.( 3/11/08) Jarvis Hall…will be televised and will be carried live on the internet at

De- annexing….a possible meeting of the board to research the process…..

It was explained after a question from the audience what role the NBCA actually plays….they have no actual authority…. they work to contact residents in the condos through building managers and presidents.

An interesting tidbit according to the President….which calls for some checking on….if the civic organization goes out of business the annexation is null and void.

More discussion about de-annexing…the need to get petitions…a referendum …getting it on a ballot…possibility of Nov.

A sign of moving forward Mark Brown stated that he was for giving the Commission some time… a chance….

Questions again came forth with the distrust of AMR as the possible replacement of BSO for EMS …..some research that individuals espoused from their own inquiries.

Talk of taxes…how much comes from the north end….. Palm Club…what they receive in return….

Another nice shock…Sister Cities President Kenneth Most stood up for the VFD and spoke of their positive performance in the past ……with expectations that it will be the same upon their return.

Mr. Most did not feel the same about AMR.

A suggestion from the President for the Palm Club to be the first to have a petition Drive.

More talk of the Palm Club sewers….

It was pointed out by this writer…although they were promised sewers and were expecting them….the former mayor let it be known at a previous commission meeting early on in the election that they are a private property that is a co- op….that property starts at A1A…just as it does for all the condos….there- in lies the rub….

First it is not legal to for taxpayers to pay for improvements on a private property… (although the health effect aspect was put into play by the former commission and town attorney…still questionable) and if the town goes ahead and spends the taxpayer’s money…it will give credence to the condos to ask for the same when they too are in need of a project on their private property that would require an assessment, loan or bond.

Vice Mayor McIntee stood to show the residents that all 5 commissioners were in the hall to hear what they had to say….that they would work together …that a lot of healing needs to take place.

A resident of Palm Club stood to announce that the board had made the decision to reimburse the town if the land was ever sold…in order to have the sewers installed.

Another gentleman expressed concern and a need for some action on Sea Ranch Lakes continuing to have septic.

There was more discussion about annexation excess amounts…accounting and what annual accounting does the NBCA have if any?

Various responses were made by board members and previous board members on how records were supposed to be done and excuses why they were not.

A woman from Sea Colony was concerned about beach access alongside beach front properties and a loss of worth to those properties….an item on tonight’s agenda.

Mark Brown did return to the microphone to express his concern near the end of the meeting….that perhaps the commission was making their decisions too quickly and needed to step back a little.

One woman expressed concern about factual annexation excess numbers from the Town Manager … a former resident took to the podium to assure her and the others that the numbers would indeed be a s factual as they could possibly be….without a doubt.

Unfortunately…a return to contentious hall meetings of the past took place at the end…when the Editor of the Times took the microphone and proceeded to tell the hall that the blame for all of this came from the old commission.

People yelled… people booed….people left….

The evening was closed out by the President.

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