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Remember when people could count on certain norms?

They were a common occurrence in everyday life.

Whether it was the answer to the age old question “How are you?” which produced the customary reply “Fine, thank you”, knowing business hours meant 9-5, or even that of extending well wishes no matter how well you knew the recipient.

Somehow they have gone far away from everyday life as we now know it!

With this new election fresh in our minds, maybe this is the right time to put those and other norms back into everyday life in LBTS?

Leave the die-hard opponents who can only see black and white on the sidelines and let the overwhelming numbers of those closer to the middle pave the way for both sides to extend common courtesy and enact the desired norms of decency, honesty and understanding to their neighbors, just as I believe will be the decorum represented on the dais with our new commission from day 1!

Whether it is from approaching others you have kept a distance from, now knowing that their response just might be an easy exchange like the expected response of the past alluded to above, or the melding of residents sitting on both sides of the hall at Jarvis commission meetings.

Perhaps, those who have been separated through this hard fought race will offer to help with the direction of town on boards, and events, working along side those they were leery of?

I am not expecting Norman Rockwell, or that it will be easy or quick fix, just offering what life could really be like in LBTS over the next few years.

Are you game?


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