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News From Sea Ranch Club

As part of this site a from time to time I will try and test new items of interest to those who are logging on.

In that vein, I am going to report the news from Sea Ranch Club as I return back to attending our board meetings, now that the municipal election is done.

Today’s meeting in the Ocean Room was at 9 am.

Topics were …..Replacing our landscaping service with in- house service, at projected savings of 59 thousand dollars.

Tri-R was bought out and the contract is up next month. The Board has already voted to go in- house with a full-time foreman and 3 full-time workers. New equipment will be bought due to the existing being on it’s last legs… will bring some muffling to the 5 days a week noises we all seem to hear presently! 3 new dumpsters will brought in to dispose of the clippings etc… Where they will be placed is still unknown, along with how often pick up will be required.

My concern is that we are now dependent on our new foreman staying on the job and the inevitable turnover that comes with new workers resulting in it’s impact on the work. I was assured by Jerry, the new foreman he has a backup plan for being down on the number of workers if this occurs . I also have concern about Waste Management and their yearly increases with garbage. Third a concern about irrigation repair…. but we will see, and hope it was a wise choice considering the savings per condo is about 84 dollars per.

A special assessment may be in the offing , with our funds running out and a projected $17,600 needed to do anticipated 2008 projects.

Tennis court repair was brought up with no definite plan….pools are being waterproofed,re- pavered and all 3 should be open by April.

Two items of big interest to residents… attorney will come to meet with the board to see if we can recoup lost over-payments to the appraiser we had for around the last 20 years. We were being appraised for 400 thousand square feet more than really exists!

Second, discussion about the use of the Ocean Room.

A resident wants to put in a ping pong table, sited lack of use for the room. Remarks coming from both the board and those attending was not in favor.

A suggestion was made to turn this room with its great view into a common work- out room! It has the view, it will become an asset for using this room, getting neighbors from all 3 buildings together, and a great selling point when you want to sell!

Those empty rooms left in each building…use for ping pong or whatever.

If you like this prospect…contact your Board representatives to get the ball rolling.

More to come…..


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