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New Info….

At the amended agenda meeting tonight the following took place in record time, from the friendliest dais we have seen in some time!

First, the swearing in will occur either on Tuesday the 12th at 5 pm or Wed. the 13th at 5 pm.

A point that outgoing Town Atty. Cherof tried to get across repeatedly to outgoing Mayor Parker! ( The Town Atty. has offered his resignation and the Town Manager will now put out RFP’s to find a new Town Atty.)

The ordinance reads that the swearing in must be 2 days after the certification…..which could be either Friday or Monday, thus resulting in either date stated above.

Commissioner McIntee asked for the VFD to be allowed back in the LBTS firehouse immediately, which was swiftly seconded by outgoing Mayor Parker! (This is what should have happened weeks ago instead of the petty game that resulted!) The final vote was 4-1 with outgoing Vice Mayor Yanni voting no.

In the hall was a room full of respectful, courteous residents, a few interested people from neighboring towns, along with past and future state congressional candidate Chris Chiari.

The only wrinkle in this preview of what is ahead, was a personal one.

After an overwhelming amount of friends and acquaintances gave me warm wishes for this new endeavor, I was informed that a few might not be so friendly towards having the another venue for our residents to read.

I can not say I am surprised. I do however feel that in this era of personal websites, this is the perfect time for anyone who wants to express their right to free speech and free press.

That it is possible to not step on each others toes….as I did by not putting out an item early, out of respect.

Let all the scare tactics go the way of the election, let people choose to read whatever is offered to them.

I assure you that websites like this will continue to pop up as more people get involved and want to have their say.

It is the wave of the future…..

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