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My Revised Sidewalk Request

I would like to thank the many residents who have said they too have many concerns over sidewalks….either through the impact on their own properties or the looming possibility of their homes being next.

Thanks to those who will try to come and speak tonight…. those who will be there….and especially those who have disregarded a certain resident who has gone way beyond what was called for on this sidewalk and the previous intallation on Seagraped Drive.

I especially want to thank the commissioners and staff who have taken the time to speak to me and my neighbors and who have only promised us to get to the bottom of how we got here, what can be done for the good of all and how to prevent this from happening again.

A special thanks to Commissioner Dodd, who came two times to the neighborhood to check out what is in the best interest of the neighbors and the town, having takenĀ  the time to contact the soon be ex- Town Planner and talk to town staff.

Commissioner Dodd has a plan, that I will hope will be the one accepted tonight….it should appease all….and show those who are suspicious of any “payback” as insinuated by a few ….that he would compromise his integrity….. that in itself is not possible.

It is a plan that provides give and take….a compromise….which is all I ever asked for in the first place.

I plan to speak tonight, along with others…I encourage all to come and do the same….one caveat though, listen before you leap to any conclusions instigated by others who are not informed.

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