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In an earlier post I wrote about the decline in advertising for print news …Edward Wasserman says it spells further shrinking revenues and staff reductions.

He says the marriage of journalism and advertising is on the rocks.

The old way of newspapers relying on advertisers to support them must be revisited…in order for the paper to survive…through alternatives such as having journalism supported through foundations and philanthropies…which presents a danger of to editorial content….. or through public financing, another consideration … this too leaves many uncomfortable.

Worth a read of his excellent article….Can journalism live without ads?

Last article of the day…opinions…Alex Sink, state chief financial officer…Tallahassee

We can reduce Floridians’ insurance risks…

Every Floridian homeowner, automobile owner, business owner are liable for “hidden taxes” in the form of an assessment from the florida’s Hurricane Catastrophic Fund.

The fund, the state, who does and who does not benefit from this …..volatility in the world markets…which have already hampered Florida’s ability to raise capital in the bond market…our increased insurance risk….and this financial officer’s proposal to Florida legislators to increase the amount of co-insurance that an insurance company must have to obtain discounted reinsurance through our CAT Fund. A big savings to Floridians…..reducing risk in the face of huge assessments and spreading the risk among world -wide investors….a plan worth paying attention to.


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