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Minto Agreed Under Oath!

At the Nov. 27th commission meeting Scott Lamont of Ed Stone and Associates,  and Johnny Lynch stood at the podium representing Minto….placed under oath they were asking for a change to their plans on the development….. smaller apartments…(in previous posts….)

Mayor Parker asked if they would agree to a condition of approval for that change… that if the ordinance for 4 lanes on El Mar passed they would honor it.

They agreed.

No matter what letter was sent back and forth after the sworn acceptance…

If Minto wants the town to honor the site plan change…Minto must honor the 4 lanes on El Mar at Minto’s expense!

Commissioners need to see this one does not fall through the cracks!

UPDATE: Further review … Minto would require a Town Commission approval even if they were to take the unlikely step to return back to their original site plans for larger apartments…

either way…they must comply with the condition set forth for a 4 lane El Mar Drive….

(This is one of the good precedents that former Mayor Parker used often when dealing in such matters…get the applicants under oath…new commission should keep this in mind.)
1 down 1 to go after…the final CO for Oriana!


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