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Beth Reinhard writes in her column today about……what else…. the cable news stations du jour….Super Delegates!

Florida Democratic House Leader Dan Gelber of Miami Beach…is pitching a mail-in vote framed as a runoff between Clinton and Obama, allowing Democrat and independents to participate.

This would be to stave off the potential of those Super Delegates ignoring the will of the people and giving their votes to Clinton.

This idea comes with a price tag of anywhere from 2-8 million. Is it worth the cost? Depends on the amount of fear felt towards the vote essentially being fixed …in the eyes of Obama Democratic backers towards Clinton stronghold delegates, a nomination for their guy might be worth this price tag.

Gelbar’s prposal can be found on his website …

You would never know it from the endless stream of cars that going and coming from Benihana in LBTS….but the business section says…sales are soft and earnings are down!

In an earlier post I stated a pet peeve of mine…utilities that advertise…. example used…FPL…well also in business section today…the Chief Financial Officer has stepped down….to “undertake an extended ocean sailing venture.” Not bad at the ripe old age of 52!

Bad news for the Miami Herald itself….the declines in advertising revenue will likely continue to hurt the paper’s publisher and owner….rating is cut one notch below “junk “status and now is rated “negative.” Newspapers are struggling as advertisers shift revenue spending to the internet….

The web is the wave of the future….under 30 somethings do not read newspapers…just as they do not watch the evening news…they go online…on their I pods, laptops etc…..

Websites are the way to go!


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