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Meet The VFD

A friend of mine took the opportunity to pay a visit to the VFD , now that it seems they will indeed become a part of our LBTS traditions once more.

She was impressed by the new fire chief, Bob Perkins, his self assured demeanor, his quiet confidence, and his determination to work to make this town safe.

The VFD will be back with undeniable strength , manpower and proven ability, for anything less will not be accepted by the Town Manager, the commission or the residents themselves..

Deputy Chief Joe Padden impressed me at the VFD-BSO budget hearings before their demise.

I am sure he will be up at that podium again, answering all the tough questions as the logistics, and the criteria the VFD must meet are ironed out. This time though he will face a podium of interested commissioners who will pay attention to him, as should have been the case the last go round!

So, fellow residents ….take the same opportunity to go and meet the VFD, welcome them back to our town…. and you too will walk away impressed!


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