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Mayor,Vice Mayor,Mayor Pro Tem….. Oh My!

Potential vote change exists.

Mayoral race not a done deal?

There is still a chance with the provisional votes, that Peanuts Wick might have a chance. If the count proves to be 1/2 percent difference it is an automatic recount.

Peanuts sure encountered some bad breaks in this election process at the polls. First it was reported in the Sun-Sentinel that one voter reported he was unable to vote for mayor of LBTS in early voting at the Pompano Beach Library. After getting the wrong info from a poll worker, and pursuing it further, the man reported it to the Supervisor of Elections office, where they did admit it had occurred. How many others did not get to vote for mayor there?

Then there were voters that relayed problems with voting for mayor on the day of the election. One told of pushing for Wick and at the end in review it turned up with Minnet. He was able to fix it, but how many others who did not hit review had the same result?

Last a friend of a volunteer at the election campaign tents relayed that she missed the mayor vote completely, it appeared at the bottom of the Democratic primary and she changed to the next screen. She did not go back and realized after she left. A few others encounter same?

All in all makes you wonder if it would all add up to a different result!

We had 340,298 voters vote in Broward on Tuesday. Here in LBTS we had 48-58% voter turnout!

With the mayoral race still if flux, will the certification be done in the allowable time to proceed with the changing of the guard….the swearing in ceremony on Feb.4,2008? Will it hold up all or just the mayor? If it is on, tune in on channel 78 (comcast) or online, or come to Jarvis…should be standing room only!

Next big thing….Feb.12,2008 organizational meeting 5-7pm, where the commissioners will decide who will be who on the dais!

They will chose a Vice Mayor, who has in the past had the privilege of speaking and voting first.

But many hope that the changes up there from this election will include more than just the participants.

First and foremost….no more Mayor Pro Tem….not needed, not a correct title or position, let it go!

Second …rotate the vote and who speaks first and who speaks last. Makes Mayor/Vice-Mayor equal to the others on the dais.

The invocation, rotate that too. With all the uproar from the church taking sides politically, why not be more inclusive to others who might want to lead us in a moment of prayer?

The seating….where else do they have the Town Atty. and Manager sit on the dais? Is it necessary? If so, why in the middle?

The big table, do we really need to keep it in front with all the BSO etc….?

Win or lose…consider the proposed election idea of Peanuts, which was met with enthusiasm, a time for residents to meet with commissioners and have their say outside of public comments.

Around town to come….


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