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Sorry to report…backwards motion this edition….a return to division…will amount to the stacks of this issue being untouched in Sea Ranch Club…yet again.

The array of same old vitriol was evident in every article from the editorial about John Thompson, the Kewpie Budda…in previous post….and the inaccurate reporting about the reimbursement for legal fees this writer and Mr Julio Omana’s Attorney is to receive… check out open letter post.

Mr Brown shows two distinct personalities … first when he was a voice of reason standing in front of the NBCA last Monday…calling for the residents to give the Commission time and that De- annexation was not warranted at this time…. then he does an about face choosing to fan the flames with a front page story.

Two thumbs down this week…as Ebert would say!

Pompano Pelican…

Another turn for the worse…

The Editor and Publisher along with her star reporter have let their personal disdain for the former Editor of their competing Pompano paper, the Sentry (Attorney M. Ross Shulmister) cloud their journalistic judgment by writing articles that are inaccurate!

I have written an open letter which was faxed to the Pelican ( and sent one by mail to the Futures)…will it be published….not likely.

A reputable reporter would have interviewed Mr. Shulmister, The League of Cities Attorney, Mr Omana and myself… if they had done so….they would have heard from all four that it is a fact we were not informed of any representation until after we hired counsel ( as the soon to be ex- Town Attorney advised us to do) and only when we were informed by the League of Cities appointed Attorney himself.

Mr Burke would have also informed them that he could not reach any staff or attorney when he was trying to contact us!

The soon to be ex- Town Attorney was not correct with his account… and there are many who will dispute his assertions!

Let’s see if you can get it right next time.

Post Division