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The Times is now out….

a quick look online…and boy am I shocked…by how differently the “Staff Writer” perceived the Mar.11,2008 Commission meeting…

It brought a sudden sinking feeling to my stomach…a flashback to the days of Former Commissioner Ed Kennedy’s time on the dais…

I thought the relaxed rules of the evening were never abused by any in the audience… and think some of the “staff Writer” objections might have to do with who those in the audience were…. this writer being one….

since the election.. I am more and more concerned that some of the reasons for the changing of the guard have been forsaken for flexing the muscle of a few who now feel in power.

The Mayor certainly needs help with her duties, and is in need of more than her preprinted note cards can give her….but for not cutting off comments at 3 minutes exactly and letting those in the audience come forward when they had something to offer the commission….I commend her.

Perhaps ….a compromise….. to have a member of the audience stand…and when recognized by the Mayor ….a consensus can be made before they approach?

(to be discontinued if abusing this courtesy offered from the Commission becomes prevalent.)

At the public comments portion of the evening…John Thompson, who has long been an instrumental part of the Times publication…stated that the Commission should listen to those who come before them.

Mr Thompson asked for an extension to finish a point he thought was important…and was allowed to do so. ( This was a common courtesy that was often talked about during the campaign….. it would definitely occur as a result from a change on the dais….so often asserted by those very people who now want to cut him off.)

I find this idea to rein in the meetings as disturbing as the 2 incumbent commissioners trying to keep the audience from speaking at the workshop that took place before the commission meeting.

It has been reported to me by a few people that to question the new majority…. is “breaking ranks”….

I know first hand to write anything that is less than glowing… or in any other forum besides the Times…exacts actions of becoming persona non gratis among these few and their “soldiers”….

What is going on?

It was nice to see the return of the Town Chaplain…and hope he will continue to be welcome to write in the Times as well as any other publications he deems reliable in order to reach out as he must…without another backlash from the Editor for doing so.

As expected my letter to the Times was not printed…no surprise. ( persona non gratis…..)

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