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Lighthouse Point

I for one would like the commission to take a look at Lighthouse Point.

I became aware of Lighthouse Point upon our arrival to South Florida 14 years ago. My children first attended a small private school, The North Broward School/Lighthouse Point Academy located in the heart of the town.

Since that time, the school has moved on to become a large well- known school, that re-located west, when it was bought by new owners.

This former campus, was purchased by the town and keeps their own police and fire department together on the same street.

How come they can manage to do this and LBTS can not?

I think it is time to investigate……to see how it is done……to see if this would be a direction we might want to go in for our future.

Perhaps, they could provide the outline for us, and at the same time help us avoid the pitfalls.

If we find that this would be a viable alternative to our present situation, then we can lay the groundwork,with their input along with having the real estate in place to replicate the police/fire buildings in the same area, as they have.

Commissioner Silverstone asked recently at a commission meeting that the town look into a property in town situated right next to the existing fire house and Jarvis Hall. This could be perfect timing, along with the sale of the present warehouse we own on the west side of town.

I know the commission have a lot on their plates right now, as they prioritize what needs to be addressed…..but my hope is that they will add this to their list.

You can learn a lot from your neighbors, let’s learn from Lighthouse Point.


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