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LBTS Sister Cities Association

Annual Report For The Year 2007…(synopsis)

Their trip to Henly- on- Thames never came to fruition. A second attempt may take place in May 2008.

The relationship with San Isidro has been dormant…seems the new Mayor shows no interest in pursuing it.

Former Commissioner Chuck Clark has resigned as Honorary President.

The Chairman Dr. Kenneth Most and the Vice Chair Rev. James Goldsmith delieverd a quantity of relief supplies gathered for Peruvian earthquake victims to an airport in Miami to be forwarded to them. A thank you by email was received by San Isidro…(you would think the new Mayor would re-think his lack of interest with this relief and the desire for medical equipment in the future.)

A donation of 5 tickets from Vincent Ragusa and the Performing Arts Center which were sold for the benefit of the Sister Cities finances.

A donation from LBTS of $2000.

They took part in the annual conference of Sister Cities International in July.

Their events were …. a social evening and dance in September….the Carol Singing Event..

Paid members as of Dec.31,2007 …32 , including two silver.

According to their annual financial report…1/1/07…..$1,370.45 to 12/31/2007…..$1,445.02

The biggest expenditure was to wine and dine the visiting Henley -on Thames group….$2,671.

LBTS must reconsider if a donation should be forthcoming this year …with budget constrictions…lack of a second sister city…and if we as a town are subsidizing a visit to Henley….(an unknown for now.)

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