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LBTS Agenda

synopsis of 3/11/08…..Workshop and Commission Agenda ….with comments

4pm Workshop

3. A Public Safety

1. Emergency Medical Services…RFP Presentations


The Commissioners should have done some homework on this…visits, background, inquiries…in preparation for this all important move in town.

2. Fire Protection

City of Ft. Lauderdale/City of Pompano Beach/ LBTS-VFD

Unless something has changed…the 1st 2 cities are out….

VFD is ready to train…will be required to jump through the same hoops as BSO per the Town Manager and Commissioners…. in previous post

Professional service alongside VFD should be discussed …in what capacity, for a specific time frame and in the unlikely event that a “hoop” is not satisfactory.

b. Capital Improvements Projects (CIP)

Current Projects- Status:

Habitat Reef Project- Marc Furth

Many have been waiting for an update and a go forth for this one.

Current CIP Projects Status Report…Assistant Town Manager

Guess we will see what they are.

Master Plan….Town Manager

Makes many of us quake in our boots…when we hear “Master Plan” and then ask which one?

Future Projects…Town Manager

Guess we will see what they are also.

c. Debt Management

Current debt

Promissory Note Pay- Off

Will write on this after the meeting.

d. Town Property

Sale and acquisition of property

Hope this means a sale of the west side warehouse…(to Holy Cross who rents space? in previous post.)

Buying the hotel within the “triangle” behind Town- Jarvis Hall?

Parking lots? in previous post….smaller ones east of A1A?


Regular Commission Meeting 7 pm…. Come before 7 to sign up for comments!

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge

Last time the Mayor approached me to stand and say the pledge…I politely said no. Her idea was to begin to have residents in the hall take turns to bring unity to the town.

My thoughts…just as her previous proposal for a class in how town governmental staffs work…a waste of time.

3. Invocation

On the agenda later to addresss any changes going forth .

4. Presentations

a. Proclamation for June 23-29th…Amateur Radio Week…Mayor Minnet

Her 1st proclamation.

b. Presentation on Seniors vs. Crime….Fl Atty. Office.

A flier to seniors would make more sense.

5. Reports


6. Approval Of Minutes

a-b. Feb 19, organizational and regular meeting

7. Public Comments

Please come to address Washingtonia sidewalks…alternatives that might lessen impact on neighbors with tenants.

on agenda also.

8. Ordinances 2nd Reading


9. Commissioner Comments

10. Ordinances 1st Reading

i. Ordinance # 2008- 03

Amending hedge section of Unified Land Development Code-Commissioner Clottey

Who would have thought that Commissioner Clottey and former Commissioner Kennedy’s wife would agree on anything?

Originally the land use development was to be the least impact on the town as a whole while unifying them…what a concept…should be honored with hedges, and sidewalks too …..could not resist adding the sidewalks!

ii. Ordinance # 2008-04

Amending use of PODs-Development Director

A joke…look at storage containers on side at hotels, in construction areas etc…let the residents have some latitude, and use a pod without any permit fee etc…

c. (for some reason the clerk decided to change to letters on agenda?) Ordinance # 2008-05- Commissioner Dodd
Rescinding ordinance #2006- 18 …and letting the ordinance stand as the majority of voters intended it to be…. in previous post.

d. Ordinance #2008-06

repealing #2005-511- Marina Village Overlay District-Commissioner Dodd


e. #2008- 07

repealing #2005-529- Beach Village Overlay District- Commissioner Dodd

Goodbye, Goodbye!

f. # 2008-08

repealing #2006-01 Beach Overlay District- Hospitality Zoning Commissioner Dodd

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!

g. Ordinance # 2008- 09

repealing #2005- 10 Town Village Overlay District- Commissioner Dodd

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, and Goodbye!

No need for a referendum town wide… since there was none for these ordinances…

but there should be one in the near future to assure a change can not be made to return to the newly repealed districts with a possible swing in the majority on the dais 2 yeas from now….let the people vote on it.

11. Consent Agenda

a. approval – Special Event- Easter 3/22/08…10 am- 12 pm Municipal Park..Assistant Town Manager

Should be fun at new location….no imaginary encounters this year!

b. Commission to install Plaque adjacent to Pine Ave. Portal…honor of Jeffrey Israel Orseck…Assistant Town manager

need info, something out of the ordinary? otherwise…we need removal of plaques…not addition… in previous post.

ALERT: a valued friend has informed me that this would be an injustice, and will be contacting the Commissioners on the background…a Google search show his gentleman died in March 07….in obit-helped Clinton to turn over Panama Canal (enough said on this bad move) , also suspect that it is put on by Assistant Town Manager alone.

c. Approval Jarvis Hall for a B-Day party

If they pay to cover costs of staff etc…a new day for the hall…used as it was intended!

d. Approval- Special Event Sunrise service Community Church…Assistant Town Manager

e. Commission approval Air Conditioning installation…Assistant Town Manager

f. Commission approval fence repair Municipal Park…Assistant Town Manager

g. Commission approval fence installation in Soccer area…Assistant Town Manager

neighbors previously requested to keep the balls out of their yards…

h. Commission approval Colonial Bank to use Jarvis hall…Assistant Town Manager

I believe LBTS businesses were include in extending Jarvis Hall use.

i.Commission approval Women’s Club Silver Tea-Assistant Town Mnanager

Yes, one more time.

j. Certification of Lien Orders- Development Director

These are prepared by a Special Magistrate, ready to be placed into the public records to constitute a lien. Notification to the Commission is provided.

k. Commission approval LBTS Chamber of Commerce use of Jarvis Hall for a breakfast- Assistant Town Manager

another yes…these are the only type of consent agenda items that should be passed together… unlike the previous “blind” pass of the Washingtonia sidewalks under the Seagrape Drive change order…hiidden in the background material.

l. Award of contract to Brandano Displays, Inc. for banners- Assistant Town Manager

What is the cost involved to change the streetlight banners…do we need it?

12. Resolution

a. Resolution 2008-06 Resolution and /or discussion opposing Army Corp. of Engineers future reduction of Lake Okeechobee- Assistant Town Manager

A resounding YES…. oppose any further stupidity! In previous posts.

b. Resolution 2008-03 reducing the base variances- residential and commercial properties- Vice Mayor McIntee

Commission still does not have this one right. Listen to the staff…and reconsider.

13. Old Business

a. Discussion and/or action removing Bougainvilla and Poincianna bags off meters- Former Mayor Parker

Hope the merchants come back to give an update…then a vote based on their feedback.

b. Discussion and/or action Lifeguard services- Town Manager

The “boys” from Athena, let it be known at the last commission meeting that a pregnant woman had died just off the pier the Sun. before.

They want and will be happy to let a lifeguard position himself on the pier. We need this.

c. Change schedule workshop 6/10 to 6/11- Town Clerk

d. Commission approval of 5 parking spaces for sea turtle Nova students- Assistant Town Manager

Commissioner Clottey had this tabled for answers …why a year? Why 5 spaces? The Nova students should be providing answers.

14. New Business

a. Renewal of post hurricane clean-up agreements- Assistant Town Manager

assume it was bid out?

b. Discussion and/ or action Seagrape change order- Commssioner Dodd

Check previous posts…Washingtonia sidewalks were “blindly” passed under a consent agenda …with no information to the public that it was included.

The sidewalks currently drawn up impact the neighborhood the most, a need for compromise is being requested.

c. Discussion ands/or action regarding repayment of legal fees incurred by dismissal of Board members- Commissioner Dodd

I am one of the dismissed Board members, who received no help fro the soon to be ex-Town Atty. about the availability of the League of Cities Atty. to represent us.

Thus we incurred private expense.

d. Discussion and /or action regarding reimbursement for commission cell phone use.- Vice Mayor McIntee

Other cities do reimburse…in previous post- must be separately used from everyday private use though.

e. Discussion and/or action regarding medical insurance coverage for 4 commissioners- Vice Mayor McIntee

Disagree with this one, did not find this in comparisons in previous post…bad timing as we cut back.

Unless it is getting the Town’s pricing for insurance……but Commissioners pay it themselves.

f. Discussion and/or action regarding multiple plaques in town- Vice Mayor McIntee

In previous post…out with the plaques that have the ex-Town Manager and soon to be ex-Town Atty. No replacements needed.

g. Discussion and /or action regarding payment of legal fees incurred by Barbara Cole and Julio Omana- Commissioner Dodd

same as item 14-c

h. Discussion and/or action regarding appointment for Florida League of Cities- Commissioner Dodd

Who will it be, should it be the Mayor or Vice Mayor…or should they all take a turn..any rules precluding a 6 month assignment each?

i. Discussion and/or action Invocation- Commissioner Dodd

It should be inclusive of many faiths.

j. Discussion and/or action Friday Night Jazz in the square permit- Vice Mayor McIntee

Not sure? Is permit time running out?

Sorry Paul…if it impacts your place…but it is a big draw in town…more and more residents are partaking in it, great to bring out of town guests to.

Thanks again Dave Gatsby!

k. Discussion and/ or action representative of commission for Honorary President LBTS Sister Cities Association- Mayor Minnet

This needs looking at… in previous post…does the town need to keep funding this? Should it be private donations only?

Honorary President for Henley on Thames (only sister city functioning) Commissioner Dodd.

l. Discussion and/or action on beach access for residents in NW section of LBTS- Commissioner Clottey

Let’s get some access for these people… in previous post.

m. Sale and purchase of property- Town Manager

In previous post…and earlier workshop response on this.

n. Pay off Promissory note- Town manager

also in the workshop..need info.

15. Town Manager Report

a. Town Topics bi-monthly

Great idea…

in Sea Ranch Club B…it is March 7th and we still have Feb. Topics in our mail room…. since we have been getting them in bulk…they are virtually untouched!

16. Town Attorney Report

Who will be in the Town Attorney seat this time?

Update on search required.

17. Future Agenda Items

a. 3/25/08….selection of Town Boards….cutoff date is 3/14/08

a. 4/8/08…Selection of Town Attorney

seems like a long time, need a better interim Atty.

18. Adjournment


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