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Ladies Only

The guys may want to skip this one….

The final day of our Chicago visit, was set aside for the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Auto Show at massive McCormick Place.

While the men perused the never-ending array of cars that makes our auto show in Miami look pitiful, my eyes turned to more important matters at hand!

Forget the concept cars…with their DeLorean wing style doors…. do they assume we will all have 4 car garages with 12 foot ceilings?
Barely glancing at the greening of SUV’s with Hybrid written on their sides …. is this really what the global warming aficionados had in mind?

I really got down to the important business at hand, the one I was sure would be the prevalent question from the women at home….Hair!

I felt like I had walked into some secret society of Chicago women and their hairdressers that someone forgot to give me the heads up on!

From the moment we arrived, no matter which way we turned, among the makes and models of cars, it was not only the cars that looked so much alike…it was Chicago women!

Hairdressers and their clients must have fallen on the sword of Victoria Beckham….AKA Posh Spice!

Not since the days of Dorothy Hamill…(remember that hairstyle?), have I seen such a glaring phenomenon!

They were everywhere…1 out 5… walking , strutting and feeling so…Posh!

From 20 somethings in size 0’s and Uggs…to matronly with frosted highlights…..that hairstyle lead the way!

4 hours of standing, walking and seeing what was offered foreign and domestic….( car wise) , the hairstyle of choice was a never far away.

So of course the final question really is, when the auto show makes it’s way to South Florida….

will this Posh hairstyle come with it?


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