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Keep Him Off The Dais

After being factually incorrect and purposefully disregarding his own actions…which are available for all to see in the Jan. 9, 2007 commission meeting minutes…..the soon to be ex-Town Attorney has no place on the dais!

It would add to the injustices that were perpetrated upon Mr Omana and myself.

Many who were involved during this period will not sit quietly while he and the Mayor attempt to rewrite history, unlike the 3 papers who did not find out the facts before publishing them

There are tapes from the commission meeting and I will locate the P&Z tape from the meeting where it should show Mayor Minnet was silent when a fellow member asked the question of being protected and requested for the Town Attorney to come to the next meeting to answer what no one on the dais could .

There should be some apology coming from the Mayor for apparently fabricating her knowledge from that time…. and if she did indeed have that knowledge which seems to have eluded the soon to be ex-Town Attorney and all others….she should apologize for keeping silent.

We might be stuck with her for 2 years….. as she continues these embarrassing statements……this one, as stated above….. being condescending while reading off her ever -present note cards,in directing her fellow commissioners on how to address their actions at the EMS workshop…. accusing the Town Manager of letting AMR re-submit a proposal at the workshop……accusing AMR of being dishonest in their presentation about their leaving the town of Davie for a non-emergency…then not putting forth that charge, that she seemed to imply by her actions, she was holding in her hand at the same meeting last Tues……..and finally informing all about being our representative in Tallahassee…which is not her place… for that event or any future events without the go ahead from the rest of the commission which by the way, somebody ought to inform her that they are her equal….she is not a strong mayor… just a commissioner with a title!

With all that has now happened…. please Commissioners……do the right thing…keep him off the dais.


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