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Judges Asked To Lead By Example

Jaablog…interesting idea…to help stop the furloughs reported to be thrust upon employees of the courts in Broward and statewide.

The challenge being made is to the judges who earn between 137- 146 thousand a year….to give up 5% of their pre-tax earnings and donate it to those workers who make 35 thousand and less. Many are single parents who live paycheck to paycheck.

The plan could accumulate 627 thousand dollars in Broward and 7 million statewide.

If the furloughs take place employees could be put on them for up to 22 days…. with some extending out to a full month of work.

Also reported in the same post…. The St. Petersburg Times reports that 22 sitting judges are “double-dipping” by also exercising early retirement income!

Quite a challenge…let’s see if anyone rises to accept it?


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