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Jockeying Abounds?

What happens when an election comes to an end?

Is it down time for the winners? Do they go off to vegetate and savor their victory? Are they preparing to navigate the course ahead of them up there on that dais? Or are they fielding the wants and the needs of others known and unknown to them?

I would imagine all of the above, in most places after such a hard fought election, but here in LBTS, more of the latter seems to be the case!

It has been bandied about that everyone wants the ear of a winner….to give advice, put in a word or two about what is expected of them….some beneficial, some territorial, and some downright mind boggling!

Before officially taking an oath, they are in the free fall zone… no sunshine obligations, no duty bound honor to uphold…..just a worn out, tired campaigner looking for a few extra minutes of normalcy…. good luck!

No matter if they voted for you or not, no matter if they like you or not, no matter if they feel they are owed or not…the newly elected still has the obligation and the desire to listen.

What the newly elected is not obligated to do though is, to compromise their own integrity, deviate from their independence or waiver from the beliefs that set them on this journey in the first place.

Whether it is a politician on the way out, who can not walk away with hat in hand, lacking in the understanding that the status quo was the problem, and will not be acceptable this go round in any way, shape or form. That nothing is off the record and you can not be politician and private citizen while at the same time you are trying to push your losing agenda on to those you admonished at every turn both on and off the dais!

Whether it is from those well intentioned and not so well intentioned supporters and acquaintances who want assurances of what will happen and what is expected now that the big win has occurred.

So the answer is this is not the time for the newly elected to let down their guard, no down time indeed.

What it really is …… is the starting gate…..

time to dig in their heels, perfect their stance, gather their courage, prepare to show their resolve and act as the starter’s pistol officially sets them off to their future and that of the town’s over the next 4 years!

We will all be watching…..


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