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It’s A Date

Forget the Italian Festival at St. Coleman’s Church next week, Minto will be celebrating their grand opening today and tomorrow…noon – 4pm.

They will be offering food and refreshments at their LBTS beachfront sales center.

Well, I still have a few questions to ask….just exactly when did Minto get approval for this sales office? I do not recall.

Since when does LBTS allow trailers to be inside city limits especially by the beach? (Still stumped about the one we use for the town’s development office.)
How long will it be there? Hurricane resistant…..not likely! (joking)

What about our parking….opening soon? Why the separate old fashioned meters? Why not the ticket station kind?

Aren’t the Minto signs…3D and quite intriguing though they might be….placed awfully close to the sidewalk?

So maybe I’ll stop in to see what the future of that part of ElMar will be, and hope that future comes much faster than Oriana down the street!


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