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It Ain’t Broke…

How Progressive Insurance lost what made them progressive…Lisa Rab

A fascinating article about a company built up. successful….a model for corporate start-ups to follow….then just as so many hand-offs that go bad…the brains of the operation steps aside… the reins to someone else and they proceed to ignore all that was working ….monkey around with the tried and true formula….and bring the company to its knees!

It’s like a restaurant well- known for its specialty… enter the new owners…it never fails ….. first thing they do…take off the menu what faithful patrons walked in the door for…..then look dumbfounded when the lucrative business takes a dive.

A magazine which is an American institution injecting a celebrity to “revive” what does not need reviving and then watching those “pink slips” make the rounds as the new “improved” version tanks.

At every level the same sad story can be told…..


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