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I’m Not Going Anywhere

Today was a strange one…. 4/9/08 evening

I woke up to find that I was agreeing back and forth with what took place at the commission meeting last night…..check details in previous post…

I agreed with the Mayor on her stance that Jarvis Hall should be open to those outside of the town…

this is due to the original intent by Mr. Jarvis…as stated last night… and being kept out of the hall as a group ( the CIC) by the previous Town Attorney and Commission.

I doubt that a group from “outside” will use the hall and cause some unknown pox upon it…as I have never heard of such acts in it’s history and requirements of commission approval along with required deposits would surely give discretion to the dais to stop anything from occurring.

I disagree with a salary increase before the budget is handled, and disagree with the agenda item that stated compensation in lieu of town insurance….despite assertions on the dais it was not compensation and that it was not on the agenda for action, although both are evident in the agenda itself.

I disagree with enclosing the portico, just because it is in the budget and felt someone should have made a motion to stop with this “pet project” until all the “ducks” are in a row with acquiring the $1.9 million dollar hotel next door to Jarvis Hall and selling the warehouse on the west side.

Again, I agreed with the Mayor and Comm. Clottey.

I strongly agreed with North Leisure Gardens and their efforts to have free beach access….results should be coming. Keep it up!

I agree with the gentleman who was almost banished from the hall…. about freedom of speech, eminent domain, and more power to local government is wrong.

I agree with Comm. Clottey and Dodd that another RFP should have gone out for Town Attorney services to have more choices and on principal.

The Town Manager and the Town Attorney should be separate in my opinion, after seeing the previous administrations actions.

Although, the VFD may turn out to be the perfect fit for beach safety…….

I would liked to have seen that the Lieutenant met with the Town Manager prior to the meeting and was able to present exactly what was required, so that the manager could have terms for the correct agreement lined up after the 3 newly installed representatives made their presentation.

I walked to town tonight and ran into residents from my building…my area…

did not meet one person who is happy with the “perks” the commission has been giving themselves at this juncture…

did not hear anyone say salary should be the next item on the agenda…

I received unsolicited agreement from a meeting I attended this morning… conversations throughout the day……to this evening’s encounters….

Therefor….I am not going anywhere….

I will not be “warned”….

I will not be silenced ….

I will continue to question this administration …just as I did the last one…..and will do so 2 years from now…

use my opinion to say yea or nay…

all on the dais and employed by the town are well aware of what goes along with their jobs…

if …as I have been “warned” ….the CIC as a whole are angry with me…then I will be happy to walk away….

I joined an independent watchdog group…..

if that is no longer the core principal….then I will be wasting my time …

and those who are so determined to shut down my site, to keep me in line….

sorry Folks …… I will not comply!


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